Pokemon Go is now available in Pakistan; A little too late for the company?

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go, mobile gaming application is finally available in Pakistan along with its launch in India and Srilanka. The game is available for both Android and iOS systems and is also one of the most trending mobile applications of 2016. Pokemon Go was all the buzz in the summer where the users tried to catch, locate, capture, battle and train virtual creatures.

The main question for the company is whether the decision is too little too late as the game could be played in Pakistan with the help of APK. The strategic decision of the company that has made the application available to the users of South Asia had missed the crazy buzz and business the game would have done when Pokemon Go was all the conversation worldwide.

Pokemon Go Mobile App
Pokemon Go Mobile App Screenshot

Augmented reality game developed by Niantic was not accessible everywhere except a few regions of the world. Call it their lack of faith in the game or maybe they lacked in preparation, but whatever it was now they are trying to push stale bread to the market that has already played the game and have moved on to the new obsession in the mobile gaming world.

The timing and the relevance of any viral product is a life and death situation for any brand. With its launch in Pakistan, it is yet to be seen how people will respond to Pokemon Go mostly because the game can already be played in the country.

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