Pokémon Go app

If you have a habit of downloading Android apps or games from the sources other than the Play Store, then it’s time to be alert. A fake version of the popular game is surfacing over the internet, which destroys the entire system of the smartphone.

Although the Pokémon Go is not officially released worldwide, the game has already started gaining the attention and people in many countries are waiting for its launch.

A fake version of the Pokémon Go is available on some unverified websites that leave Android users vulnerable to security problems. The fake Pokémon app is not available on the Google Play Store but some illegal websites and unsubstantiated blogs. People who own Android smartphone with version 4.4 (KitKat) and up can download this so-called game, which is malware.

When the user downloads this app, it collects the sensitive data of the user from all the other apps such as web browsers, messaging apps etc. The app then sends this information to the unknown hackers.

Moreover, the users of this app have reported that their phonebook was modified without their knowledge and calls were made to the unknown numbers while their phone was in sleep mode. Other than this, this mysterious malware secretly records the phone calls and sends the audio file to the cyber criminals.

How to download original Pokémon Go?

If you are a fan of Pokémon, we recommend you to wait until this game is officially launched on the Google Play Store. Downloading it from the other sources is just a risk.

“Unfortunately, this is a dangerous practice and can easily lead users to install malicious apps on their own mobile devices,” a security company said in its blog post. “Should an individual download an APK from a third party that has been infected with a backdoor, such as the one we discovered, their device would then be compromised.”

Earlier, we reported how an Android Malware disguised as WhatsApp targeted millions of users and stole their sensitive data.


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