Have you ever wondered how your snatched mobile phones are being used by the thieves? Recently, Shafeeq Abad Police caught a gang that used to change the IMEI number of the stolen mobile phone to resell them in the market.

The gang consisting of nine members owned flashing devices to change the IMEI number of the stolen phones, which is a unique number given to every single mobile phone that can render the device useless as it can help block the stolen mobile phone.

The Police also identified a man named Akhtar who used to operate on Hall Road and supplied the toolkit to expunge any trace of the mobile phone’s original identity.

An engineer was also part of the criminal gang who helped them with deleting all the data present on the mobile devices where the rest of the members went out to sell those devices.

In a startling revelation, the shop owner charged them Rs. 500 for ripping the stolen phones of their original identity. This is an alarming situation because changing the IMEI number makes the mobile device untraceable. Meaning these devices can openly be used for criminal or even terrorist activities as their source cannot be traced back.

Earlier this year, Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) in collaboration with Karachi Electronics Dealers Association created a pro forma for the shopkeeper who will buy a used phone from the customer. But apparently, this practice would be a failure in case the mobile phone snatchers changed the IMEI number.

Recently, FIA arrested Saleem Manzoor who was found selling illegal SIMs which were pre-activated on various names. Both of these activities are itself a threat to national security and thus FIA needs to take bolder steps to stop such practices from taking place.