Police sees good results with Tenant Registration System and Hotel Eye

Tenant Registration System and Hotel Eye software

It is getting harder for the criminals to hide in the public as the police have started using the latest technological solutions to monitor their activities.  Earlier we reported that the Punjab police have introduced an online tenant registration system. Tenants and landlords in Punjab are required to register online with the police on a website to help the government and law enforcement agencies to keep track of suspicious people and criminal activities. Now, reports are coming that this system has successfully identified some 306 people who were previously involved in criminal activities.

This system, which was proposed by DIG (Operations) Lahore, Haider Ashraf, works by matching the identities of the registered people by that of the people registered in the Criminal Record Office (CRO) branch. The system is linked with the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) as well.

 Lahore Police in Love with Technology

In tenant registration system, the authorities have successfully identified 306 people whose names were matched with CRO. They got registered in tenant registration system and later on system notified that they were also present in CRO.

Tenant Registration System and Hotel Eye software
People identified by the Tenants’ Registration System

The online tenants’ registration system was started keeping in view the increasing security concerns in the wake of terrorism and mal-activities in Pakistan. The central website for tenant registration plays a key role in keeping malicious activities under the radar of the police. The registration of the tenants is mandatory for household tenants as well as commercially rented buildings, shops etc.

Tenant Registration System Identifies Criminals
Tenants’ Registration System notifies about known criminals

Other than this, the Hotel Eye software, which has been made compulsory for all the hotels in Lahore, has so far successfully identified 453 people who have a criminal record.

Punjab Police has aggressively adopted ICT solutions to improve law and order situation by keeping tracks, crime mapping and enhance police management. In a recent interview with MORE, the senior police official informed how the police helpline of Hafizabad has been digitalized to keep a record of the complaints filed by the citizens.

Moreover, there are also plans of computerizing the record of the people working on workshops, shopping malls, and homes. In collaboration with Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), Punjab Police is developing a software, which will be activated very soon and will help in reducing the crime rate on workshops, houses and shopping malls. It’ll make it compulsory for the employers to get a new worker registered before hiring.

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