You can now see environment-friendly and pollution-free electric rickshaws on the roads of Faisalabad. The children are enjoying taking the ride on this new kind of vehicle. These rickshaws do not feature any clutch or a gear, everything is controlled by just one key and a handbrake.

These electric rickshaws are powered by built-in batteries and can give you a ride of 150 kilometers just after a one time charge. It takes just two hours to fully charge their batteries.

To protect the commuters from heat and sunlight, the rickshaw features a fan and a sunroof. This vehicle does not produce noise at all.

The parts of this kind of rickshaws are mostly imported from China. This technology started becoming popular in 2008 in some countries including China and Bangladesh.

A USA-based company, Zar Motors is also offering affordable electric rickshaws in Pakistan. These rickshaws are called Zar Minicab and Zar Loader. The spare parts of these rickshaws are also available on the stores of Zar Motors in many cities.

Below are the key features of electric rickshaws from the Zar motors:

  • Battery
  • FM Radio Player
  • Electric Wiper
  • Three-wheeler
  • 45km per hour speed
  • Wi-Fi

It is also important to be recalled that recently, some students at the UET also developed a similar environment-friendly vehicle. The vehicle was a solar-powered bicycle.

Last year, electric bikes were also launched by a company in Pakistan, but these bikes did not get much popularity.

In a country like Pakistan, where there is a lot of pollution on almost every other road, the electric vehicles and solar-powered vehicles can prove to be revolutionary technologies to overcome pollution.

According to a report, Pakistan is one of the most severely affected countries due to global warming. The glaciers are being melted in the Northern areas of Pakistan. The most beautiful valleys in Pakistan like Naran and Kaghan are also not safe from the pollution. A heavy traffic can be seen on the roads there.

I think it would be really great if all the vehicles in Pakistan are converted to electric or solar-powered engines.