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PopCorn Studio is the brainchild of Amir Attique who officially launched it in October 2016, becoming one of the pioneers of co-working spaces in Lahore city. Now, after a year of a successful run, PopCorn Studio has expanded and branched out with three more branches in Lahore and Islamabad city, making it one of the most rapidly growing co-working network in Pakistan.


Amir started working for his studio’s investment cost during his university days by managing small businesses, arranging events at his alma mater and doing software projects. After facing lots of highs and lows, his focused approach and sheer commitment lead him to establish a name for PopCorn Studio. Today! at age 24, Amir is already running his Co-Working Spaces Network successfully.


PopCorn Studio got more recognition when various start-ups which were conceived and established at the studio got accepted at Plan9, one of the well-known one is Paaltu.pk. PopCorn Studio provided them the right infrastructure and a positive environment to let their ideas flow freely.

Budget-friendly packages of the studio became its most attractive feature for freelancers and start-ups who were tired of paying staggering amounts of rent, electricity, internet & refreshment at commercial offices.


COC is a coffee joint located at DHA Phase 8 (Ex-Parkview). A section is dedicated to PopCorn Studio Co-workers only; who can work, collaborate and innovate there while having COC’s divine coffee and eclectic cuisine!

PopCorn Studio dha

Main Branch: The location for the main branch is 10 – Wahdat Road, Lahore

Popcorn Studio wahadat road

DHA Lahore Branch: 298-Q Block Commercial Phase 2 – On main Ghazi Road near Bhatta Chowk, approachable from LUMS.

Popcorn studio Islamabad

Main Islamabad Highway. Perfect location right in the middle of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, it provides co-working space for 200+ coworkers and freelancers. The location is highly approachable as it is situated near Bahria Town Rawalpindi and PWD.

popcorn studio lahore


Highly Affordable

PopCorn Studio is a co-working space that is doing everything to foster an innovative environment. It offers memberships for as low as Rs. 6500 per month including all facilities.

Open 24/7

The most attractive part of the Studio is it’s around the clock availability. We all know creative minds function best at night!

Collaborative Environment

PopCorn Studio has ‘minimal restrictions’ policy so that members can work hassle-free. The Studio understands the true reality of a raw start-up where you have a brilliant idea but a lack of infrastructure and investment.

If an individual or team is short on investment or cannot pay their monthly dues, not only PopCorn Studio offers to invest in their start-ups, but also relaxes its payment policies.


PopCorn Studio

  1. A plethora of services available under one roof: Sitting at one place; you can market, promote, and develop your ideas. You can also interact with people who might be useful for your projects as there are freelancers working on every domain while sitting in this co-working space.
  2. Free mentorship: A newbie entering the field of entrepreneurship or freelancing can benefit so much from joining the studio. It has such highly experienced individuals who are readily available to give advice and share their personal experiences that one could benefit from.
  3. Multiple Food Outlet discounts and other services collaborations for all members at PopCorn Studio
  4. All members have access to “TICK” UET’s incubation center, Seminar halls and UET labs.

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