Porsche Ev electric car

The technology is progressing by leaps and bounds, and the automobile industry is no different. Companies like Porsche are now addressing their corporate social responsibility and producing rechargeable electric cars (EV) which are more environment-friendly. The prices of these cars are often sky high because of the innovative technology but cheaper options are always available.

The cars released until now, such as the Tesla Model S, have a considerable market share in the EV automobile industry but there are problems that cannot be overlooked. When you demand more power from such cars they often tend to get heated and then there is always the problem of slow charging.  The competition is fierce with companies such as BMW anticipating an increase in sales in the year of 2017 and other local vendors looking to produce electric cars in partnership with international companies.

Executive Member and former CEO Porsche North America has said that no one wants to wait for a car to charge 6 hours before they can take it outside. According to Von Platen, Porsche has addressed these issues and is looking to launch the new EV car which will look to rectify these complications.

The company unveiled its EV Mission E Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in 2015 and has been tightlipped about the production of these cars although there have been several assurances by Porsche about starting production by the end of this decade. Porsche has said that it will be creating 1000 new jobs while also hoping to revolutionize auto manufacturing.

Von Platen claimed that contrary to the EV’s present today the new EV will be charged and ready for a day at the track in just 15 minutes. The automobile giant is also hoping to provide reproducible power sources in the new car as “If you want to drive the track, you need more than one acceleration,” said Von Platen. He further stated that Porsche is looking to create a Porsche with an electric engine rather than an electric car with a Porsche logo on it.

Current Porsche cars CEO of North America remained silent about the car’s arrival when approached for a comment. However, he did state that they are currently testing many EV cars around the world and preparing to produce cars that differ from their competitors in the automobile industry.


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