Facebook's WordPress plugin

Facebook plans to launch its WordPress Plugin Instant Articles, on the 12th of next month (April 2016), when the company conducts its annual F8 developer conference. The plugin is likely to expedite the loading speed of posts on mobile devices; it will design a unique RSS feed that will accordingly improve posts to be displayed as instant articles.

The company’s step of creating such plugin comes after Google launched its “Accelerated Mobile Pages” which allows publishers to create mobile-optimized pages, which would load faster on all the mobile devices.

Facebook claims that the technology used in this plugin is the same technology which was used to display photos and videos quickly in the Facebook app, articles load instantly, as much as ten times faster than the standard mobile web.

The plugin also features powerful new creative tools. It lets users zoom quickly into high-resolution pictures and tilt to explore in detail. Watch autoplay video come alive as you scroll through the article.

Facebook said that it is partnering with Automattic (the parent company of WordPress) to launch the plugin. It is being tested on a limited number of WordPress accounts. The users of WordPress that use the default templates will be able to use this plugin directly to create quick articles.

Extra personalized WordPress blogs may need to expand the plugin to back added features. The plugin is open source for all the WordPress developers.

In a blog post, Facebook told how the plugin arranged this news story for Instant Articles. Facebook wrote, “For instance, the plugin recognizes the image found in this article and specifies the correct markup, so the photo renders correctly in the Instant Article. The picture expands to fill the screen when tapped and allows exploration by just tilting the phone.”

Facebook product manager said that Facebook always wanted to create a plugin that helps the publishers all around the world.


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