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The power companies (Discos) in Pakistan do not fail to surprise us as they have allegedly submitted fake mobile numbers of consumers to the Ministry of Energy’s power division, reports Dawn.

The Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (Fesco), Multan Electric Power Company, Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco) and Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (Hesco) reportedly have provided fake consumer data ranging from 1,300 to over 9,000.

5 to 560 cases showed fake mobile numbers registered by Lahore Electric Supply Company (Lesco), Gujranwala Electric Power Company (Gepco), Peshawar Electric Power Company (Pesco), Quetta Electric Supply Company (Qesco) and Sukkar Electric Power Company (Sepco).

Why Are Mobile Numbers Collected?

The power companies need to collect and register mobile number of the consumers so they can provide them with the important information like monthly meter reading, issuance, and deposit of electricity bills, schedule of power outrage/load-shedding etc. It is one of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of the power companies.

How Do They Identify Fake Mobile Numbers?

In order to see whether the mobile connections are fake or not, Pepco has determined a benchmark of five same mobile numbers of a consumer who may have got one or five electricity connections.

If a sixth identical mobile number has been found against the name of a consumer, the authority declares the data fake.

According to recent review meeting by Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pepco), Hesco stands at the top position with 9,023 cases of fake mobile numbers. Fesco comes next 5,516 such cases, followed by Mepco with 1,839 cases.

Iesco submitted fake consumer data in 1,301 cases and Gepco did the same in 155 cases while the record showed that Pesco presented wrong numbers in 126 cases. Lesco gained the second last position with 20 cases and Qesco came last with 6 cases.

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