The big claims from the government yet again see another epic fail as LESCO‘s whole system tripped thus leaving the whole city without electricity. 117 out of 120 grid stations The ancient technology of that is proudly present in our country can work in ideal conditions but if there’s fog or heat they, the people are on their own. Many areas of the city including Samanabad, Iqbal Town, Mustafa Town, Shahdara, Bhati Gate, Green Town, Faisal Town, Lohari Gate and old Lahore are facing power outages.

Since late at night the water supply along with the electric supply has also been suspended leaving the citizens frustrated and angry as most them has to leave for work. Power failures were the most important issue for PML-N on which they fought and won the previous general elections. But as it evident from the unchanged condition for the common those big promises were just a show and tell for us Pakistanis who always fall for those speeches and then cry for the next four years.

The crippled electricity after rain and summer has been a common norm, but the fantastic system keeps on surprising us, and now presents the power failure due to dense fog. The systems and power projects that the government has start boasting about for the next election doesn’t work. It’s about time that the rest of the government stop with defending the Prime Minister family on talk shows and press conferences and do the job that they’ve been elected to do (Spoiler Alert: It’s not bending the truth to save the Prime Minister).

This is not the first day of power shortage due to fog, and if past experience provides us any guideline for the future, it won’t be the last. The government who claims to win the next election as well should better try and do something that shows results rather than giving us empty promises that they can never keep like our beloved Chief Minister Punjab who loves giving wrong timelines for the end of load shedding era. It promised no power outages by 2017 and 2018 and has failed miserably in keeping it. PML-N cannot stand to win this election if they still try to make such claims maybe this time they should money where their mouth.