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What would you do if you had to buy a new cell phone? Gone are the days when you would wish to visit a shopping mall, its a new era and most likely, you would visit your favorite online shopping store, pick the cell phone if it is available in the stock, and hit the “Purchase” button. Right? But which store to choose for your final purchase is the question that always irritates you.

Every day new shopping sites are popping up on the digital sphere in the country which makes it even difficult for you to select the right virtual shopping mall. You have to either visit every shopping site or you need to be a subscriber to their newsletter to know offerings and deals.

Let’s say you need to buy a new mobile phone, just don’t get tired! you can compare the price offered by various sites before you buy! To do this easily, a new website has been introduced, which automatically shows a price comparison of the different online shop for the same mobile phone.

PriceOye is a comparison shopping service that compares product prices and shopping experiences across the biggest, most trusted online stores. It is your one-stop solution for discovering the lowest prices from the best stores so you can purchase goods online without breaking a sweat,” says a blog post from the company.

According to the company, it will soon support the price comparing for other products such as Laptops, Home Appliances, etc.

Introducing PriceOye – A price comparison service

Next time before buying a new mobile phone, just visit PriceOye website, it does not take much time, and it saves you a lot of money as well.

When you visit the site, it provides you with a list of popular and latest mobile phones with images and user rating; you can select from them or type in your query in the search box.

On the homepage of PriceOye, you will also see budget mobile phones, popular Android smartphones, and popular Windows smartphones.

On the right corner, a list of best selling mobile phones is shown. When you click the cell phone, the site shows the summary of the specs of that phone. There appears a “Buy Now” button, which when clicked, automatically takes you to the online shop that is selling that phone in the lowest price range.

You can also select the color of the cell phone to check if it is available in the stock.

There is a “Specifications” tab, which when clicked, shows the full specifications of your selected handheld. On the left side of the website, the list of mobile phone companies appears.

PriceOye website currently lists Apple, BlackBerry, Haier, HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Microsoft, Nokia, Oppo, QMobile, Samsung and Sony mobile phones and smartphones.

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