Prisma app rolls out its biggest update of the year

Prisma app update

The craze of editing the selfies or other pictures is increasing among the youth, and there are a number of apps available on the Google’s Play Store, Apple’s App Store, and Windows Store for this purpose. Most of the people who love photography have installed the apps like Candy Camera, PhotoDirector, Foodie app etc on their smartphones. Today, the most famous photo filter app Prisma, which changes an image artistically, has unveiled its one of the biggest updates.

This app has removed the 1080×1080 pixels resolution limit. The users can now crop the images through this app and share them with their friends. Prisma app now allows you to share more high-resolution images.

Moreover, the company has introduced a location-based photo feed, which shows the images from the other Prisma users, who are near you. If an image gets more likes, it will be shown on a higher rank in the feed. Furthermore, the app has provided a map, where you can see the likes from all around the world. You can tap anywhere on the map to see the images shared by the users of that area.

The new features will be available from today for the Android and iOS users. Prisma app for iOS will now support the free aspect ratios. In simple words, you will not have to use (1:1) ratio that was must for everyone to use. Unfortunately, the new ratio option will not be rolled out for Android users, but there is a great chance that the company will introduce it in next few months.

Prisma is a Russian app, which, instead of applying a filter by changing a few pixels of an image, uses neural networks and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance the quality of the images in a whole new style.That is why it is different from the other photo filtering apps.

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