Provincial Transport Authority to digitize vehicle fitness record within 15 days

Vehicle Fitness Certificate

The Provincial Transport Authority (PTA) has issued the directives to the motor vehicle examiners of all the districts to update the 3-year record of vehicle fitness within two days and send all the registers to the office of the PTA. It has been decided to digitize this record within 15 days.

As per details, the authorities have decided to digitize the record of fitness certificates of all the public transports and goods transports across Punjab. In this regard, PTA has directed the motor vehicle examiners to send the record of 2014 – 2016 that include the files containing the details of fitness documents of engine number, route, and car number.

After the digitization of this record, it will become easier for the authorities to identify the fitness certificates that have been expired. One of the reasons behind the decision of digitizing the record of fitness certificates is the transportation accidents in Lahore and Sheikhupura.

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After the investigations of those accidents, it was revealed that the fitness certificates for the vehicles were not obtained or the documents were issued from other districts without any kind of checking. With the introduction of a computerized system, the frauds in the issuance of the vehicle fitness certificates will be controlled.

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