PSO stops PIA fuel supply over Non-Payment of Dues

PIA lack of payments to PSO

Pakistan International Airline (PIA) has again become another grievance for the customers due to its failed attempts at making payments to PSO. The airline is a defaulter of PKR 15 billion and due to the absence of any payment, PSO halted its oil supply. The daily expense of fuel for the airline is PKR 300 million.

The tensions among the government organisations have created problems for the passengers. The Karachi to Lahore flight (PK-304) failed to take off for a long time due to non-availability of fuel to the national flag carrier.

This time like all other times the passengers protested against PIA as they had paid a hefty price for the ticket to be stuck around and not reach their destination. The primary question asked by everyone is why if it is charging premium prices from its customers cannot pay its fuel costs?

For the past ten days, PSO has stopped providing fuel to the airline. The two parties later came to an agreement, and the oil supply was resumed. It was said that PSO ended its supply because the other party did not make the daily payment last day.

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