Man swallowing mobile phone

We all have seen the conjuring tricks by the magicians who show strange acts of swallowing heavy things and passing out through the ear. But today we are not going to tell you about a magical trick, in fact, it’s a real story of a man, who swallowed not a small thing but a mobile phone.

A prisoner in Dublin, Ireland, by some means, succeeded to swallow a mobile phone. The man underwent a surgery after he started vomiting for several hours. He told the doctors that he had swallowed a mobile phone, the doctors did not believe him. But, the X-rays report proved him right.

Now you might be thinking which mobile phone did this man swallow. Was it a Samsung Galaxy S7? Nope. Was it an LG G5? no. Well, it was not a smartphone.

The man swallowed a Long-CZ J8 mini mobile phone. It is one of the world’s smallest mobile phone (only 2.3 inches).

Another question arises here that how did he manage to get a cell phone in a prison? It is still unclear.

Doctors failed to pull out the mobile phone using grippers

The doctors waited for more than seventeen hours to check if the phone would move down further, but it stayed at the same point.

The doctors tried to pull out the cell phone using the hand grippers attached to a camera and light but they failed to do so.

After they were failed to pull out the phone by the tools, they were left with no other option but to operate. After the operation, the mobile phone was pulled out successfully.

Doctors in their report noted,

“An ingested cell phone in the stomach may not be amenable for safe removal using the current endoscopic retrieval devices.”

The man is now safe. He was discharged from the hospital after seven days. The case is first of its kind.

Why did he swallow a phone? Because he had some psychological issues.


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