NECTA helpline spamming

On the proposals of the National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA), the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has banned some 75 mobile numbers. The owners of these mobile numbers used to spam the NACTA helpline of the terror-related complaints.

According to the details, the SIMs which were used to call 1717 hotline of the NACTA is banned permanently by the PTA. The hotline was established for the safety of the citizens and controlling the crime.

The spammers received the warning messages from the authority, but they continued to call the NACTA helpline for the purpose of enjoyment. Some of them even used indecent language and called the hotline again and again to disturb the officials. NACTA helpline reportedly received more than 60 spam calls.

Use NACTA helpline for serious issues only: Authority

NACTA sent the details of such SIMs to the PTA, on which, the authority blocked the network connectivity and all the services to the mobile numbers used by the spammers. Moreover, the Counter Terrorism Authority requested the citizens to use the 1717 helpline for the serious issues only.

The hotline was established in 2014 for the citizens to report the terror-related complaints to the NACTA. The government appealed to the citizens to remain careful and report the illegal activities by calling on this helpline. But unfortunately, some individuals started spamming it just for passing the time.

Previously, we reported that how 90 percent of the calls received on the Police emergency helpline ’15’ are the prank.

When the operator answers the call, people either report fake incidents or hang up the phone. In most of the cases, callers crack jokes and make fun of police authorities and many a time; guests start abusing police officials.

While there are many smartphone applications available for the people to block the unwanted and annoying callers, the government departments and the law-enforcement agencies are also in action for blocking the spam callers.


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