PTA issues Guidelines for Local Mobile Phone Assembly Line

Mobile Phone Assembly PTA

Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to enable local manufacturing has issued guidelines for granting Non-Objection certificate (NOC) for the establishment of Local Mobile Phone Assembly Line in Pakistan.

these guidelines will apply to all PTA mobile phones type approval holders and the authority may revise them from time to time to ask the applicant for further information to evaluate the company’s request.

If a company is interested in creating a local mobile phone assembly line, they need to follow the following steps:

Formal request on Company’s Letterhead

The applicant will need to provide the following details

  • Company Profile, SECP Registration, Board of Director (BOD) details etc.
  • Purpose of use details
  • Address of location where assembly line is to be setup
  • Details for devices to be assembled
  • Certification/ Undertaking from manufacturer that local mobile phone assembly plant being set up by its type approval holder will be in line with best international

Detailed Technical Presentation

The applicant will need to prepare a detailed technical presentation which will contain:

  • Parts being imported to be used to assemble assembly line, Packing line & details
    of materials to be used
  • Technical Literature explaining use for each assembly line part
  • Commercial Invoice copy
  • Airway Bill Copy

Undertaking by CEO/Board of Directors

  • Applicant/Company will apply for type approval for each model in line with type
    approval regulations and only assemble the type approved model(s)
  • Applicant/Company will abide by all rule/ regulation and pay all applicable taxes
    and duties as defined from time to time as part of local assembly.
  • Applicant/Company will obtain NOC/Permissions for each consignment of parts
    imported for assembly of type approved mobile phone model
  • All devices assembled in Pakistan will have clear marking stating “Assembled in
    Pakistan” on the finished product
  • Applicant/Company will register all assembled mobile phone along with IMEI
    and obtain NOC/Permissions by submitting all documentation along with IMEI
    details at any other authority prescribed
    mechanism prior to commercial sale/marketing
  • Applicant/Company will provide a sample of finished product from each
    assembled batch to PTA for inspection. The sample will be returned to applicant
    upon inspection.

Provisional NOC

PTA will grant a provisional NOC for 6 months where the applicant will have to present the assembly plant for inspection where the authority will see:

  • Quality and Control Testing at assembly line including Device Function Test
  • Controlled Drop test of device
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) setup/tools (e.g.ESD Coat, Cap, Wristband etc.)
  • Product Stress Testing (e.g. Temperature, Mechanical & Electrical, Durability etc.)
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Antenna&Signal Test
  • Evaluation and verification of IMEI writing
  • All local assembled devices should abide by type approval regulation standards related
    to Health, Safety, RF, EM and SAR

You can download the complete set of guidelines by the PTA by clicking here.

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