PTA to register all Mobile Phones; wishes to end Smuggling in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has drafted a new policy that is aimed to deal with the growing pandemic of mobile phone smuggling and the resale of stolen phones in Pakistan.

According to the draft of its new regulations, PTA is going to introduce Mobile Devices Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS).

This system will be capable of identification, registration, and blocking of mobile phones that will be non-compliant to the new set of rules.

Under this new system, the mobile devices will be registered with the PTA where any other mobile phone in Pakistan will be blacklisted as the user wouldn’t be able to use it in the country. The devices which will be imported through authorized channels by the license holders will be able to register them.

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Also, the telecom providers will be bound to provide their services to the users who own a registered phone, thus ensuring that no illegally imported mobile device can operate or avail telecommunications services in Pakistan.

The issue of mobile phone smuggling is complemented by the scandals erupted by the human errors in the telecom industry due to which we still have illegal SIMs in circulation. Recently we reported the misery of two Jazz customers which exposed the flaws in the biometric system used for user identification.

Under the new regulations, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) will also blacklist the stolen phones, blocked phones and the ones with duplicate or non-standard IMEI with the help of DRIBS. the telecom companies are also liable for blacklisting a number If it is found operational on an unregistered mobile device.

Once a device is blacklisted it cannot be activated except for the ones that were lost or stolen where proper checks and verifications will be conducted to grant the approval.

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  1. what about the mobiles we have brought from abroad like i was gifted a mobile by my sister who brought the cell ohone from china

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    How can we Get licence for mobile imports from other country with PTA registration and verified cell phones..


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