PTA Website

Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) in its journey to expand digital presence in the country and facilitate the citizens has revamped its website.

The new site doesn’t just offer better features but also ensures better user experience and is compatible with all desktops and mobile devices.

What’s New on the Website?

The new PTA website is not just easy on the eyes but it also offers many new features to help the user find what they need. let’s review what is new on the website.

Improved Site Navigation

Now you won’t have to open up and look through various tabs on the site as you can find all the relevant things grouped together under one umbrella.

For Instance, if you want to know about telecom indicators you just have to go to Data and Research tab whereas to review the announcements and news, you need to click the Media Center tab to access PR, Public Notices, Tender etc.

If we compare PTA’s new website with that of India and Bangladesh’s, we will see that the unnecessary stuff like events and news that many customers don’t want to look at right away are not bombarded on the screen instead we are greeted with better navigation which can take us to the right location.

User-Friendly and Graphical Layout

The new website is very user-friendly as compared to its old design. For instance, we can see all the popular queries on the home page under the heading “What are you looking for?”

The viewer also has the option to access the photos and Live Streaming of any PTA function directly from the site from the Media Corner that is also available on the homepage

The Indian and Bangladeshi telecom authorities’ websites use less graphics-oriented layout and have included a lot of text on their sites especially the homepage which can put off many of the users. Also, various services are compressed together under one umbrella whereas PTA has introduced subcategories, for example, Customer Support that will only help out the consumers.

Enhanced Search Functionality

Thanks to the upgraded website, the user can easily search the data of PTA to extract their required information.

All the reports and information are tucked away in their respective boxes separated by their respective year which makes searching a lot less annoying.

Improved Layout of Telecom Indicators

One of the best things about the new website is the improved layout of telecom indicators which now showcase different categories via graphs and charts.

Now the user doesn’t have to get lost in a giant mess of the data instead it can see the previous figures and easily compare the performance of the telecom industry of Pakistan

The website of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission doesn’t show detailed information regarding the telecom indicators in their country as for Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, it has made finding the telecom data a difficult task by hiding it in the section of reports. Neither of them provides the telecom indicators graphically.

We are quite impressed with the new design of PTA’s website. We would suggest that the regulatory authority should look at the loading time of the website which is a bit slow due to lots of images and flash content. But at the same time, anyone accessing the website of PTA can only have a genuine query and can wait a few seconds.


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