How PTCL broadband connection ruined my life

What is worse than heartbreak, getting hit by a bus or even death? The answer is owning a PTCL broadband connection; You think I am exaggerating, then you clearly don’t use their internet service.

For years, I have been a loyal customer of PTCL only because I had no other option than to curse my life and use their network. Pakistan according to the government is making a huge splash in the broadband world but sadly, the ground realities are totally different.

There are only a handful of internet service providers in our “Digital Pakistan” where most of them don’t provide service in small cities. Thus, we ignore the blunders and problems of PTCL, tune out the criticism and call them to get an internet connection.

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Once this experience is over, we come face to face with the actual plot of the story; the internet never works. For the last few months, I have been paying the company because they have failed to provide me the one thing that they were charging me for. So this is how my story goes:

Failed Internet Connection

A few months ago my PTCL broadband connection started acting up. For long periods of time the connection would become limited or wouldn’t connect to the PC or smartphone altogether.

After a dozen complaints, two guys showed up two weeks after the problem started, spent 5 minutes with the device and then declared that they had fixed the problem.

The Day After

I was over the moon when I found out that my internet connection was fixed until I woke up the other morning and saw that the lights on the device were blinking. Guess what? The connection had disappeared again.

Now I would admit, there were a few hours or sometimes minutes when the internet will come back to life but other times, I would be having useless conversations with the customer care representatives.

PTCL Customer Care

I am pretty sure that PTCL is ignorant regarding the meaning of customer care because all they have done till now is cause misery, pain, and high blood pressure. The golden question asked by every representative was, “are you sure there is no problem with the telephone line?”

I get that the representatives had to ask that question but it is astonishing that after countless complaints, they still haven’t established the fact that the problem is not with my phone.

Another statement that bugged the hell out of me while I was on the phone with a customer care representative is “Buhat Mazrat k sath” (My apologies). If their apologies had any substance, I would never have a problem with my internet connection.

Then comes the technical department, a place that is guilty of making false promises. I am starting to think that the problem with my connection needs an assistance of a silicon valley technician because the ones PTCL employs are still scratching their heads, or not. How would I know when they never show up.

Current Condition

So, right now I am more than Rs. 5000 short and have constant headaches by conversing with the ill-equipped customer care center. Soon I will pay another bill for PTCL broadband because we don’t want them to impose any fine or cut my connection now, do we?

We are living in a  digital world, where everything that was once being considered as science fiction is now a reality. In Pakistan, we now have smart home gadgets, a booming tech industry but alas, the fuel of all this development is missing,

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