PTCL CEO receives legal notice for illegal meetings with Fake Representatives

PTCL CEO Daniel Ritz served legal notice

Daniel Ritz, CEO of PTCL has been served a legal notice for allegedly holding illegal meetings with the fake representatives of Pak Telecom Employees Union (CBA).

The legal notice served by an advocate of Lahore High Court, Ishtiaq A. Chaudhry under the instruction of his client Hassan Muhammad Rana states:

“This legal notice is being served upon you under the instructions of my client namely Mr. Hassan Muhammad Rana in regard of Continuous dealing/ meeting of PTCL management with the fake Representative of Pak Telecom Employees Union (CBA) in violation to the order dated 20.04.16 passed in writ Petitions bearing No.30602/14; 26687/14 in which the Honorable Lahore High Court Lahore had clearly declared the fraudulent Position of Mr.Lala M.Hanif and so-called President of the Union Mr.Ziauddin as bogus.”

According to the legal notice, the positions of Mr.Lala M.Hanif and Mr.Ziauddin were nullified as the elections were declared forged and bogus.

The people mentioned above are also under investigation bu FIA for misappropriation of funds amounting to Rs. 20,55,000/. The complainant reveals that Daniel Ritz still conducts meetings with these fake representatives of Telecom Employees Union (CBA).

They are also said to be disseminating threats and chaos among the workers to opt for the newly designed pay scheme which is illegal and unlawful in the absence of any mandate under the law.

The notice also prompted PTCL Dr. Daniel Ritz, CEO of PTCL who replaced Walid Irshad last year, to direct the company’s HR department not to hold any meeting/dialogue with these fake representatives. Failing to comply, legal action would be taken against him.

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