PTCL’s Say hello to future is what appears to coincide well with the vision of Apple which it is infusing through recently announced iPhone X — the much-awaited phone on earth after Samsung’s Note 8 — and may be the trend setter for the future of smartphones.

Pakistan’s biggest ISP didn’t miss a chance to do some marketing by teasing with an image that shows red carpet along with iPhone X and an apple just adjacent to it giving us enough reason to believe that PTCL is going to take the pre-orders for iPhone X soon as they are started the world over.

ptcl iphone x pre-orders
Image shared by a PTCL official on FB

The image on FB post of a PTCL official provides a little more clarity but doesn’t talk about any schedule or a possible ‘offer’ from the tech company that doesn’t sell mobile SIMs. Although not mentioned, however, we should also expect from PTCL to take the pre-orders for a little cheaper iPhones 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

It is a usual practice every year soon after the announcement of iPhones that cellular operators start taking pre-orders, but this year PTCL seems to have taken the lead.

iPhone X aka iPhone 10, whose price will start from $ 999, wouldn’t be offered for pre-orders globally before October 27 and released on November 3. The most expensive iPhone doesn’t have a physical key and rather works with a voice only. You can learn how to use this amazing phone here.

We are not sure if PTCL is in agreement with Apple for selling iPhones here in Pakistan as their partner or there will be just a few phones to offer for creating hype in the market. Even the date for the pre-orders is not announced yet for which PTCL has put a status “check back later for availability.”

iPhone X boasts a 5.8-inch Super Retina OLED screen with a resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels, an A11 Bionic chip that also houses a home-made GPU.

The phone comes with the most accurate face recognition feature till today to unlock the screen, wireless charging and an out of the box 12MP dual camera (rear) and 7MP front camera.