PTCL & iflix redefining the meaning of Entertainment

iflix and PTCL

PTCL and iflix collaborated officially at their launch event in Karachi on the 8th of April in a star-studded night which was full of excitement. The top management of both companies attended the event and vowed to continue offering the best entertainment to their users.

The collaboration brings an easy solution for all those who want to watch movies and dramas both international and local. ‘iflix’, the world leading Subscription Video-On-Demand (SVoD) service for emerging markets has opened its doors to Pakistan and if you’re a New or Existing Smart TV user or are using 4Mbps and above Internet packages, then you’re going to love this offer because you are automatically eligible to subscribe to unlimited access to the service for 12 months.

The introduction of a such an amazing service required an equally good launch event, and PTCL did not disappoint all those attending!

Right from the red carpet to the end of the ceremony, there was a pulsating energy in the air. The hosts for the Red Carpet were the ever charming Anoushay Ashraf and Hira Hussain who brought liveliness to the carpet in welcoming all the guests. Among the many attendees included famous celebrities such as Hira, Mani, Sana Fakhar, Aimen and Minal Khan.

The bright and entertaining Khalid Malik and Ushna Shah were the masters of the ceremony for the night who kept the audience hooked and on the edge of their seats.

The event kicked off with a performance by the All Girl’s Band. The energy kept rising when the critically acclaimed instrumental band “Khumariyaan” performed and successfully managed to get the audience off their seats. A laser light dance performance by the troupe showed impeccable talent and left the audience in awe.

And finally, the moment that everybody had been waiting for arrived as PTCL’s CEO Dr. Daniel Ritz along with Chief Commercial Officer Adnan Shahid & CCO iflix Christian Toksvig launched the service for PTCL customers and promised to bring more exciting services & better quality for its customers.

The surprise performance by the superstar Stereo Nation proved to be the cherry on top as he was a fan favorite and helped bring a perfect end to a promising night.

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