PTCL serving underserved communities in far flung areas of Pakistan through free medical camps

Though the world is progressing when it comes to technology, infrastructure and bringing innovation, we tend to take for granted basic facilities that are provided to us. There are still people around the world that are deprived of facilities like clean drinking water, food, shelter, and basic health care.

When we talk about Pakistan, the situation is similar, and people still lack the basic healthcare facilities in rural areas. Due to limited access to qualified and experienced doctors, essential health services and quality medication, people residing in rural and far-flung areas in Pakistan have limited access to basic healthcare facilities.

PTCL Medical Camps

Although the government must empower the locals with funding, administrative support and deploy resources in such areas, there is a dire need for companies and individuals to come forward and play a pivotal role to support those underserved communities. One such company that has the reach and capability across Pakistan that comes to mind is Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL).

In an endeavor to facilitate the less privileged under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, PTCL regularly sets up free medical camps in far-flung areas across Pakistan – be it the deserts of Thar, the valley of Barian, fields of Kasur, mountains of Tera Meel in Balochistan, glaciers of Naran & Gilgit Baltistan.

For over a decade, teams of medical experts at PTCL have been visiting rural communities, providing treatment and free medicines. The doctors treat ailments such as diabetes, blood pressure, high fever, infections, and cases of flu. In general, treatment and medicines are not available in some communities and nearly impossible to find a hospital in such areas. For this reason, the availability of doctors for free expert advice becomes valuable and indispensable.

Recently, PTCL medical teams set up free medical camps in three locations across Pakistan – Mithi, capital of Tharparkar, Kasur near Lahore and Barian near Murree. Teams of capable doctors went to these places, where a large number of people visited avail free check-ups, followed by diagnosis and prescriptions. Free medicines were distributed to deserving patients.

It is heartwarming and motivating to bring smiles on the faces that were not expecting this kind of service and behavior from people coming from outside their communities.

One of the PTCL’s core values is also ‘We Care’ and CSR is the driving force for the company to give back to the community for a healthier Pakistan. Such activities that support our underserved communities should be highlighted so that more companies can come forward to support the cause. Ends

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