PTCL Sports Gala: a competitive opportunity to boost morale and productivity

In this day and age, life is moving so fast that it is difficult to keep up with its swift pace. In such conditions, it is important for one to just put everything on pause and relax. People should unwind by taking some time out from their busy work routines and take part in stimulating physical activities; namely sports and fitness exercises.

It can be safely said that sports and healthy activities are very important to live a healthy life. It’s like they say, healthy minds make healthy bodies. So, if people increase their personal fitness levels, they can do their jobs better. A fact that many people have come to realize now. They have become more conscious not just about their own health and fitness, but of their families as well. Some people also want to go for healthier diets and start regular exercise routines, and that’s the reason gyms are now getting busier everywhere. People are setting fitness goals for themselves and their families. Maybe, they still don’t get proper time for all that, but they are at least trying to bring about some change.

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Studies show that physical activity, whether tennis, or a cricket match, playing sports can make you healthier and happier. It also contributes not only in team building and better coordination but also increases muscle development, cardiovascular health and numerous other benefits associated with disease prevention such as chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, obesity, depression and osteoporosis.

Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited is one such entity that has initiated annual Sports and Fun Gala based on thrilling games, activities and sports such as cricket, badminton, lawn tennis, table tennis and many more exciting games and activities. It is participated wholeheartedly by both men and women from different regions and exchanges.

trophy for winners

Muhammad Rizwan, Assistant Manager at PTCL, said, “PTCL has a diverse culture, where the employees are always given value in terms of working in an enabling environment with proper work-life balance. I really like to play cricket and participation in such healthy activities leads to a healthy lifestyle.”

Another employee based out of Rawalpindi region, Asma Shahid, said, “I am proud to be part of PTCL as every year the company continues with its efforts to develop a culture of sports and games that provide competitive opportunities for its employees to boosts overall morale and productivity.”

award to girls

It is imperative that multinationals and companies should encourage sports and provide health facilities to their employees in order to achieve greater growth and progress in all areas. Recreation is important for socio-economic improvement and work-life balance because it helps in refreshing both the body and mind. Every organization needs to encourage recreational activities for their employees so that when their workers are done for the day, they can follow refreshing and relaxing routines.

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