PTCL customers can enjoy reliable, high-speed unlimited internet in Cantt Gujranwala & Site Sialkot exchanges through NTP

Cantt Gujranwala & Site Sialkot exchanges in Gujranwala have been upgraded as part of the Network Transformation Project (NTP) started by Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL). The customers located in these areas will be provided with reliable, high-speed unlimited internet.

NTP in Gujranwala is specifically targeted at students, households and commercial hubs since the customers in these areas have higher demands for faster and better connectivity.

At these locations, a rehabilitated copper network can give the broadband speed up to 50Mbps and the Fiber To The Home (FTTH) network can go up to 100Mbps. Besides broadband, this kind of high-quality network will increase IPTV penetration as well.

Tariq Siddique, Regional General Manager, PTCL, Gujranwala said, “PTCL is committed to serving its customers not only in the larger cities but, the smaller cities like Gujranwala will also benefit from NTP. The areas covered under the transformed exchanges will allow customers to get faster & unlimited internet with a better and smoother customer experience.”

PTCL is offering customer-centric packages which start from 10Mbps and go up to 100Mbps, along with free PTCL calls, free PTCL Smart TV and Smart TV App, unlimited iflix access for 1-year and free Wi-Fi router.

Under the Network Transformation Project, 53 exchanges have already been transformed, out of the 100 which were initially planned. The transformation has taken place in 12 cities already and has had a positive impact on the customer base residing in transformed exchange areas.

The project will benefit customers by not only providing them with faster-unlimited internet but also with an improved network quality and customer service