Ever since the announcement of the pilot phase of Naya Pakistan Housing Program, Pakistanis all over the world rushed to the NADRA’s website for downloading the form.

As per initial figures revealed by NADRA, some 62,000 forms were downloaded in the first hour of the announcement as nearly 200,000 visitors hit the portal from 167 countries in the same duration. Due to this unexpected hike in traffic, for which NADRA wasn’t prepared, its website got crashed as it received 10,000 requests per second. It took NADRA several hours to bring back everything.

We know that 5 million houses are the part of the plan, but our fair guess is the number of applications would be manifold. And we also assume the PTI government is expecting something similar.

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There is an Rs. 250 fee for taking part in the scheme so a raw guess would tell us that government is certainly going to get Rs. 1.25 billion (250 x 5,000,000) from those whose application will be accepted.

But, wait, we are assuming the applicants will be manifold. We can refer to what happened with the much controversial Ashiana Iqbal Housing Scheme. The data from Punjab Land Development Company tells us that some 81,582 people applied for 9,000 houses – 900% more applicants than what was required.

It’s not rocket science to figure out that demand for Naya Pakistan Housing Program is going to have a much larger footprint than a city-based scheme.

This isn’t something impossible. We always observe a similar pattern against limited seats in any government job, private institutions, etc.

If we could repeat the pattern of Ashiana Iqbal Housing Scheme, Naya Pakistan Housing Program is likely to attract 450 million applications which might translate into Rs. 11.25 billion and if we could estimate 40% of our population trying luck to get hold of a house, the figure could swell to Rs. 22 billion.