PTI Govt think to End O and A Level Education System in Pakistan

Federal Government has decided to put an end to the O and A-level studies in the country in favor of bringing a uniform educational system.

According to the details, the federal ministry of education is focusing to provide a similar academic structure in the country by eliminating the British educational system(A and O levels) running on sidelines in the country.

The government had earlier vowed to eliminate multiple and parallel educational systems in Pakistan so that everyone gets equal opportunities irrespective of their class and financial condition.

With the implementation of this policy, students will not be able to get the certification of O and A levels while residing in Pakistan. This will not only help in eradicating inequality but will also help in devising uniform curriculum in schools and colleges.

The government has not provided any details regarding uplifting the existing poor quality educational system where there are many flaws in the curriculum. Many students from the middle class also opt O and A levels just to secure their future as the matriculation system of the government is not acceptable by many foreign universities.

The education department is also trying to bring reforms in the Madrasa system without changing their tilt towards religion. To mainstream the Madrasas, there is a suggestion to include Maths, Science and English Language as compulsory subjects.

Although the previous government had also implemented a similar policy to streamline Madrasas, many are still not following the guidelines and have eliminated these subjects from their curriculum.

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