Zulfi Bukhari

A local media outlet has claimed that the government of Pakistan has illegally offered the position of “Official Digital Media Partner of the Govt of Pakistan” to an obscure digital media services company.

Investigations have brought into the limelight a mega-scandal of present government worth billions of rupees as the company, Brando Marketing, was offered such a booming opportunity without following the SOPs. NITB (National Information Technology Board) never posted any tender asking companies to lay down their proposals, which is not only against the rules of business but also unconstitutional.

As per the report, Brando Marketing now runs the Prime Minister Imran Khan’s official social media page even though the company is found to be involved in various fraudulent dealings and corruption scandals in the past.

It is claimed that the agreement is offered to Brando Marketing with the intervention of Zulfi Bukhari (Advisor of PM) who reportedly also have shares in the company. It is worth noting here that Zulfi Bukhari is also handling the management of Association of Overseas Pakistanis (aop.org.pk) which is a private organization but utilizing the resources of the government. Moreover, the said organization is found to be tricking people in believing that they are the spokesperson and official channel of the government of Pakistan.

The private organization claiming to be an official channel.

The investigation report further condemns the Zulfi Bukhari for enhancing his businesses by utilizing the data of overseas Pakistanis.

If PTI government has taken onboard the Brando Marketing as their digital partner, things might get worse as later will have access to all the sensitive information belonging to the state and citizens including Nadra Database, and other various departments.

According to Mr. Farhan Javed, CEO, and spokesperson for Brando Marketing, the company is not involved in any kind of a dubious business while answering about the illegal approach towards offering the agreement, he added that the company will be offering its services free of cost and the MoU doesn’t involve any type of financial transactions in lieu of the digital services.

It’s becoming a norm in Pakistan to offer favors to certain companies after coming into the power which hinders the country’s progress. The previous government had also corrupted the otherwise good schemes like Ashiyana Housing Scheme and Laptop Scheme following the same menace.

(Via Daily Pakistan)

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