PTI website hacked attacking Imran Khan

The official website of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) was hacked on Tuesday night by a group of hackers who call themselves “Voice of Pakistan; Death Adders Crew”.

The website was defaced hours after the press conference by the former member of PTI, Ayesha Gulalai who alleges that there was no respect for women in the party and has leveled some serious allegations against the PTI Chairman Imran Khan.

PTI Website Screenshot attacking Imran Khan
Screenshot of the defaced Website

The hackers posted on the website that their group doesn’t support any political party but they will never vote for Imran Khan. Another message on the site read:

“We didn’t upload some pictures, you can decide, wake up wake up Pakistan.” They further added, “We don’t need new Pakistan, we need our old Pakistan, Pakistan Zindabad.”

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The website also featured a screenshot of ARY News that showed a quote by Gulalai. Since the attack, the website has been recovered by PTI supporters.

Currently, instead of taking the user to the home page, a person is directed to a YouTube video titled “Sher ka Shikari Aaya” upon entering the URL of the site. Previously, official KPK government website was also hacked by a group named “Pashtun Cyber Army.”

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Ayesha Gulalai has alleged that women are not safe in the party and that Imran Khan wants to introduce western culture in Pakistan. She said;

“PTI, especially Imran Khan, has no moral values when it comes to treating their female members. I belong to a tribe from Waziristan and for us Pakhtoons, respect, and moral values are everything.”

She also claimed that the Chairman PTI sent her inappropriate text messages. Since her presser, several PTI women members have come out in the defense of their party and Imran Khan, accusing Gulalai of being an opportunist.

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