PTV to create a Kids Entertainment Channel in Pakistan

PTV to create a channel for kids program

State-owned PTV is considering converting one of its channels for providing exclusive content for kids. According to The Express Tribune,  information and broadcasting ministry is considering over dedicating its already running channel into children entertainment channel.

For years Pakistan has been deprived of any good TV shows for children. As a result, the younger generation knows the cartoons and cultures of the west but are unaware of the local traditions and folklore that could’ve been introduced through dedicated programs for children.

Diving into children entertainment is not a new foray for the TV channel as once upon a time it created a lasting impact in the hearts of the millennials.

Programs like Alif Laila on PTV took the kids to a magical realm of Arabian stories where not just children but grown-ups also watched it religiously. Other famous kids show included; Zanbeel, Bhoot Bangla, Koshish, Aali Par Kya Guzri, Ainak wala Jin etc.

Now it seems like the government is finally realizing the need for original content targeted towards the children which can create awareness about the local culture and values.

If such a move happens, then Pakistan would finally get a first government-run television channel for kids in the face of PTV. The rebranded PTV channel with children programs may finally reclaim its spot in the hearts of Pakistanis.

The government is also planning to establish Pakistan’s first-ever children’s film society that would look after nurturing the production and broadcasting movies and TV programs.

The state minister also reportedly had a meeting with Farooq Qaisar, Pakistani writer, actor, and producer, where she discussed how to provide infotainment to the young minds of Pakistan.

The conversion apparently is still in the planning phase and more details would be provided once the decision is finalized. This is a step in the right direction for the government and following this directive maybe the state would consider making changes in the quality of curriculum for children and the mobile phone education in Pakistan.

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