PU Topper Mohsin Ali Delivers Motivational Speech to University Students

motivational-speech by Mohsin Ali

Muhammad Mohsin Ali, the topper in Punjab University’s  B.A Examinations 2016  delivered the motivational speech at Bahria University and Air University in Islamabad. Mohsin’s speech was a part of the Ufone’s Unsung Hero Campaign that aims at celebrating the citizens who made marvelous achievements in their lives despite fierce obstacles

The interactive activity consisted of two sessions where Mohsin spoke for one hour at both the universities. The purpose of the motivational speech was to invoke the students through inspirational story of the Mohsin who worked hard to overcome challenges of his life.

Mohsin who worked at a Tandoor along with his brother to support his family stood first in B.A examinations. He broke the past 125 years old record of Punjab University by obtaining 688 marks out of 800 in his batch where the passing percentage was as low as 39.8.

Chief Minister of Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif has announced to sponsor all educational expenses of Mohsin in future to support in his drive to achieve more. Mohsin is planning to pursue M.A English and then appear in the CSS Examination.

Mohsin Ali Delivers Motivational Speech

Mohsin’s life and struggle constituted an ideal inspirational story for students, as he had to work in the day and the night to unlock his achievement. His story proves that its is possible to overcome difficulties and reach a goal even despite insufficient resources.

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Ufone’s endeavor to introduce Mohsin with university students was much needed. The reason is that it is very common for famous celebrities to interact with students and share their success stories but it is not famous for ordinary individuals to share their life struggles with society. This campaign is aimed at bringing real heroes from anonymity into the mainstream and introduce them to public.

Motivational speeches and interactive sessions for students in universities are an old custom, but stories like Mohsin prove to be more inspirational, as there are many students in educational institutes who have to handle many challenges such as financial obstacles on their ways.

Speakers like Mohsin tell them how to make their way towards achievement through self-belief by narrating their success stories.

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