Public Photos Getting Leaked On Social Media From Safe City Lahore’s “Secured” Servers

It has come as a shocking revelation that the Safe City Project has no control over its data safety procedure and the public data is widely circulating on social media.

The data includes the pictures of your car and the people sitting inside. And the worst part is, the pictures are being used by internal employees of the safe city project to allegedly blackmail the citizens who have been captured on the cameras.

Photos, particularly those, that have females sitting on the front seat along with drivers are circulating on the various WhatsApp groups.

safe city lahore public photo 2

MoreNews received various such photos of cars having number plates of Lahore and Islamabad. Sources highlighted that cameras are zoomed in while taking photos for targeting female citizens which are then shared on WhatsApp groups to malign them.

Earlier, DAWN also published a similar report about Safe City Project Islamabad that highlighted the public concern over misuse of data. The report refers to a source in Islamabad Police who confirmed the photos of girls have leaked in the past from their system.

Chief Operating Officer of Punjab Safe Cities Authority, Akbar Nasir Khan has assured that there are a tight procedure and a privacy policy to safeguard the public data. However, while talking to a TV channel, he himself did not look certain about the data getting leaked right under his nose.

Punjab Safe Cities Project was launched back in May 2016 and it was designed to protect the cities with nearly 8000 cameras planned only for Lahore. Apart from 24 hours monitoring, these cameras are used to exercise e-challans in Lahore. However, there are question marks on the performance of the project with dozens of cameras lying out of order on the sensitive points in the city.

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