Punjab Excise Issues Deadline to Transfer Open Letter Vehicles

If you are driving your vehicle on open transfer letter, beware! The Punjab Excise and Taxation Department has posted a deadline of 10 days to register such vehicles in owner’s name.

According to the department, the registrations of the vehicles on open letters will be canceled after the deadline. The only remedy then will be to file a new registration with a proper fee.

This decision was long overdue and pointed by us at the time of inception of the e-challan project which was not being delivered to thousands of vehicle owners due to inaccurate owner’s data with the department. Excise department has finally considered our opinion and now asking owners to transfer the vehicles.

Note here that issued e-challans are piling up due to the challans sent to the previous owners without considering the ground fact that the vehicle had been sold out but not transferred yet.

One-tenth of the vehicles are on bank lease and excise has not issued any strategy to answer such vehicles. Also, there are many automobiles with fake number plates manufactured by the roadside vendors.

As per the Tribune, an ironic incident happened when a resident of Mughalpura got an e-challan where a woman was shown riding behind him. When he contacted PSCA and told them that he never was on that road with any woman on the said date, the authority responded that the offender rider was having his fake number plate. Unfortunately, the wife of the stated resident is annoyed and has left the home.

There is a need that the Excise department comes up with a sound strategy to fix this issue.

We also have the reservations with the deadline of 10 days. According to the Excise department estimates; there are 30,000 cars and 50,000 motorcycles currenlty driven on an open transfer letter. 

In our humble opinion, the vehicles on open letters are in much larger quantity perhaps in lacs, hence, the department should come up with a better strategy and with a feasible deadline to ensure the transfer of vehicles. The process of transfer of vehicle should be made easy, centralized and online.

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