Punjab Food Authority Bans Hico and Jalal Sons Ice Cream

Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has issued the samples’ report of Frozen Dessert and Icecream brands in the country.

According to local media, the icecreams of Hico and Jalal Sons are failed in the laboratory tests and found to be hazardous for human consumption. Director General, PFA, Muhammad Usman has issued orders to seize the icecream stocks of the above brands. Following the order, PFA has confiscated more than 1500 liters of ice cream from the outlets of Hico and JalaSons.

Reportedly PFA will take legal actions against both brands. Moreover, the authority will only allow the restart of production after the brands comply with the standards issued by PFA.

PFA take the sample from the market on a yearly basis while it also makes sure to give surprise visits to the outlets. Earlier, bacteria were also found in the ice creams of gourmet foods and other brands.

The authority has also issued a notification to the companies involved in the frozen food business to nominate their representatives for sampling campaign. The companies are allowed to appoint representatives by January 28th. PFA has also stated that in case of absence of company agents, food teams will take the samples as per the SOPs.

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