Punjab government to include researchers in policy making


Researchers are the people who put their tiring efforts for widening the knowledge base in any society. Developed nations take this valuable input for the betterment of socio-economic infrastructure.
It seems that government of Punjab has also realised the fact that alien policy makers can’t turn around the situation.

According to a recent initiative, Planning and Development Department has entered into a partnership with six public sector universities of Punjab for the provision of technical support, expertise and services of highly qualified & experienced professionals, researchers, teachers of public sector universities to facilitate the development process.

Objective Behind Agreement

The aim of such an agreement is to reduce the gap between academia and policy makers so that work of researchers could be implemented in a practical way for creating a knowledge-based economy and to promote evidence-based policy making approach instead of presumptive policy-making approach.

Although Universities are already engaged with the Federal government in some way or other, however, at the provincial level, this would be first of its kind arrangement to involve research institutions in consultancy, policy formulation and impact assessment.

Involving researchers and engaging them with policy makers is a global phenomenon and mostly followed in developed countries where policies are always productive for the economy. It would be interesting to see how well researchers are taken by the decision makers in Pakistan since bureaucratic hurdles, and red tapism has always been the bottleneck for the growth of the country.

Planning and Development Department has signed six agreement with each university which includes Punjab University, Government College University, University of Engineering and Technology, University Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Agriculture University Faisalabad, University of Health Sciences

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