Punjab Government to Launch Magazine for Public School Children

Punjab government to launch magazine for Public Schools

The government of Punjab in its bid to engage children in informative activities plans to create a magazine for all the public schools of the province.

Students from different schools can contribute to the magazine by emailing their stories, articles, poetry etc. Apart from featuring the work of students, the magazine will also include the opinions and stories written by various teachers.

This new initiative by Punjab government aims to increase the general knowledge of the students. The magazine reportedly will be sent to eleven thousand high schools across the province. The cost of this project will be around PKR 0.9 million.

Punjab government has been taking progressive steps to promote education across the province. Last year it introduced Integrated Project for Elimination of Child Labour and Promotion of Decent Work to help eliminate child labor in Pakistan.

Apart from academia, the Punjab government also decided to include traffic education and safety rules and regulations as a course subject in private and public institutions. This step aims to promote the importance of road safety and instill in children from an early age how they can be a responsible citizen on the road.

The students at the public schools have long been neglected, but initiatives like publishing a magazine for children will help groom them intellectually.

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