Punjab Government is testing Iris Recognition Technology for Identification

iris recognition technology

Punjab Government is planning to introduce the Iris recognition technology in its departments to increase the authenticity of a person’s identity. Images of a trial phase were spotted on social media in which an employee, the subject, of Gujranwala Waste Management Company can be seen the subject.

To make the project feasible and easy to use,  Punjab Government is focusing on introducing an Iris-based biometric system that will connect with a smartphone app for verifying the authenticity. This portable system will be feasible enough to be used on regular basis.

Once fully applicable, the system will be used in every field of the life such as attendance of sanitary workers, keeping the criminal records and identification of a child, etc.

iris recognition technology app

The introduction of ‘iris recognition technology’ is in the pipeline for long ago, but the problem lies in effective implementation. Using this technology by incorporating it into smartphone app will simply make its application easier. It is more likely that Iris-based biometric system will take over the fingerprints based biometric system.

In past fingerprints recognition technology has seen a huge success, especially, its role in combating terrorism is undeniable.

fingerprint scanner

“Records of more than 150,000 offenders has been saved into the database with the help of biometric verification through fingerprints, and Police have also successfully arrested terrorist due to these records.” a senior official of the Punjab Police shared.

Earlier, online voting system, utilizing ‘Iris’ recognition pattern was introduced by a UIT student. In case this system gets implemented the possibility of conducting free and fair elections in Pakistan will increase manifolds.

The technology relies on Iris pattern recorded in a mathematical code is said to be the most authentic in proving identification of any person. In developed countries, the technology is also in use in many organizations.

This latest recognition method is somewhat similar to retina recognition. There is a difference in the pattern of Retina and Iris. In countries like Pakistan where overhauling criminals and tracking them is difficult due to lack of records, iris-based biometric verification will prove to be a much helpful.

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