Punjab Government introduces Urdu as Official Language

Punjab Government introduce Urdu as official language

Urdu will now be the official language of the Punjab Government. A notification has been issued to all government departments of Punjab declaring that the Urdu language will now be used for all official purposes.

According to City42, the notification sent to Registrar Lahore High Court, and Session Judge Lahore states that all the nameplates in the government offices will be changed immediately into Urdu. Also, different departments of Punjab Government will also publish an Urdu version of their various bills, forms, and information statements.

It was also mentioned in the notification that the websites of all the Punjab government’s departments and courts including Lahore High Court would also include a page in Urdu. This page will provide all the information for the public but in Urdu rather than in English.

The departments of Punjab Government have also been asked to translate the rules and regulations of different departments, official orders by the government, and also the laws and policies of the government. All the translations are to be verified by the Department of Law and Parliamentary Affairs.

It is to be noted here that the Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered the government to adopt Urdu as the official language of Pakistan in 2015. The Urdu language was to be implemented by the government in all of its institutions in three months, but it still hasn’t been executed yet.

This step taken by the Punjab government is commendable even if it’s late. Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, and such initiative will further help promote it. Many people in Pakistan are not familiar with the English language, and many of them struggle with the forms and bills in English. Last month, a mobile application named Urdu Hindi Dictionary was also introduced by Data Science Lab to help people bridge the gap between the two languages.

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