Chairperson Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) Dr.Umar Saif said that ‎Punjab Government has shown good governance as one of its top priorities by increasing its budget up to 63% as compared to last year.

Commenting on the new Punjab budget for the next financial year, he said that an amount of Rs 13.95 billion has been earmarked for Governance & IT Sector sponsored by PITB and other Government Departments against last year’s Rs. 8.54 billion.

Dr. Saif said “Government of Punjab aims to leverage upon the revolution in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The objective is to modernize governance and keep Punjab abreast with global proficiency in service delivery. Significant milestones achieved during last year were Completion of Land Records Management and Information Systems Project (Phase–I). These steps would eliminate “Patwar Culture” as promised by the CM Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif.

Umar Saif describes few projects

He said, “the completion of Technology Incubator Plan9 and PlanX at Arfa Software Technology Park Programme set a new history in the field of entrepreneurship in Pakistan. Completion of the Driving License Management Information System and Completion has made the process more transparent and easier. Computerized FIR System will end the decades-old ‘Thana Culture” from Punjab.”

He further revealed that the targets fixed for 2016-17 comprise of the flagship projects such as Punjab Safe Cities’ to ensure foolproof security and law and order in Punjab.

The ‘Automation of Case and Courts Management System at Lahore High Court & District Courts Lahore’ will help improve service delivery of law and justice to the general public.

Umar Saif stated that the ‘Local Government Automated Financial Management and Monitoring System’ will increase transparency. It will increase the visibility of the financial accounts of the Punjab Government. And also, the ‘Ease for Taxpayers Programme’ is meant for enhancing government revenue and taxpayer facilitation.