Punjab Govt to Link Local Property Tax Collections to Local Services

The Punjab Government has decided to empower citizens of Punjab by linking local property tax collections to local services, reportedly.

Excise and Taxation department has formulated a plan to spend the property tax collections for the welfare of local residents. According to the details given by Director Excise, 30% to 40% of the tax amount collected will be given to local administration for the development of infrastructure in the area.

First time in the history of Pakistan, residents of any area in Punjab will be having their tax money directly spent on them. A significant part of tax collection will be used to construct roads, security, street lights, cleanliness, and other municipal-related chores.

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In the initial stage, 82 circles of Lahore and 22 circles of Faisalabad city will be benefited from the new policy. After the successful completion of the survey, the policy will be extended to all other rural and urban areas across Punjab.

The government has collaborated with a private company to develop an online system, integrated software and to train the employees of the excise and taxation department. The company has already started training the employees in order to give them expertise regarding the usage of a smartphone app and to identify the underdeveloped areas.

The latest development is highly commendable, and it will justify the recent hike in the rate of property tax. “People here in Pakistan want to give tax, and even we don’t mind the higher tax rate. However, the past government never used our tax for development purposes. That is one of the reasons, people hesitate to become filers and get involved in tax theft,” commented a resident of Anarkali.

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