Punjab Govt. starts crackdown against vehicles with fake number plates

Crackdown against fake number plates

The vehicles without any number plate or with fake number plates are becoming one of the leading causes of crime in Lahore. The road accidents are increasing in the city, and it is very tough for the police to track the unregistered vehicles. The driver who has an unverified number plate on his car drives more carelessly because he knows nobody can track him in the case of the accident.

Moreover, most of the target killers and another kind of criminals commute on the motorcycles with false number plates. According to the Motor Vehicles Ordinance, no unregistered vehicle can ply on the road. Otherwise, the vehicle should not only be taken into custody, but punishment and fine also be imposed.

To control the number of unverified vehicles in the city, the government of the Punjab has started a crackdown against vehicles with the “Applied For” tags or unregistered or fake number plates.

According to the senior officials, the government started this crackdown for making the province crime and terrorism free. The authorities will take strict measures against the anti-social elements using suspicious vehicles.

Strict action against owners of the vehicles with fake number plates

The vehicles with the “Applied For” tags are the security risk as those committing criminal incidents through such vehicles are difficult to trace. Similarly, strict legal action will be taken against owners of the vehicles using bogus number plates.

The action against such vehicles has been started with the collaboration of Excise and Taxation Department and Lahore police. The Chief Minister Special Monitoring Unit will supervise the entire system.

Other than this, the Dealers Vehicles Registration System is also introduced in the major cities of the province for the similar purpose. With this system, the registration book and license number plate would be issued at sale point of the vehicles. No one will be allowed to take the vehicle from dealer showroom without registration.

A detailed briefing was given regarding reforms being made with the collaboration of SMU Law and Order and Excise & Taxation Department in a special meeting presided over by Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif.

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