Child Pornography Cases in Pakistan

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has revealed that Punjab is ahead of other provinces when it comes to child pornography cases in Pakistan and uploading the prohibited images on the internet.

This quite a shocking revelation but then again there are over 700 cases of child abuse just in Kasur since 2015 which speaks volumes about the incompetence of the law and order authorities in the province.

According to BBC Urdu, among the more than dozen child pornography cases in Pakistan, most of them belong from Punjab and so does the arrested suspects who have been involved in such heinous crimes.

Following the recent case of Zainab, for the very first time in the history of Pakistan, FIA has constituted a two-member team to deal with cases pertaining to child sexual abuse and child pornography issues in the country.

The team will also collaborate with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) who has also constituted a cell to identify the people involved in uploading the unclothed pictures of children on the internet. FIA upon this information will then will carry out operations against such elements.

According to Imran Haider, the head of FIA’s two-member team, most of the caught criminals involved in child pornography cases in Pakistan are professional degree holders, a fact that is quite horrifying which also depicts the failure of the education system Recently, FIA caught an electrical engineer from Jhang who was allegedly involved in downloading and uploading Child pornographic content on the internet.

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