Punjab sees most cases of Cyber Harassment

Punjab seems to be the hotbed of cyber harassment as according to a report issued by the digital Rights foundation around 42% of the cases on the helpline were from Punjab.

Also, 17.8% cases were from Sindh, 4.7% from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 1.3% from Balochistan whereas 23.90% of the callers didn’t disclose their location.

The report issued on Tuesday highlights data collected in four months since the start of their online harassment and cyberbullying helpline. Starting on December 1st, the helpline has received 513 calls with 406 being cases of individuals.

The report also adds that 63% of cases were reported by women whereas the 37% cases on the cyber harassment helpline from men, which it considers a positive trend as it encourages men to break stereotypes and open up about their own experiences of harassment.”

The report also highlighted some of the recommendation that it wants to see being implemented by the concerned authorities including:

  • Greater source allocation to the under-resourced department
  • Gender sensitive environment and inclusion of more female officers
  • Expansion of cyber crimes unit as they’re currently limited to major cities
  • Protection privacy and confidentiality of evidentiary data
  • Provision of psychological help to the victims
  • Means to receive regular updates about the progress of case and management system

If you or someone you know is suffering from cyber harassment or online bullying/abuse they can easily contact their helpline  0800-39393. 


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