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The era of technology is finally catching up with the government as Punjab Police has been digitized by the provincial government.

The project developed by Punjab Information and Technology Board (PITB) will centralize all the police stations in Punjab. Through this project, the provincial government aims to computerize records, handle public complaints and ensure all of Punjab’s police stations are functional.

The FIRs and roznamcha reports will also be computerized where the police can access the files related to FIR from any station in Punjab, provided they have an internet connection. A centralized control room will also be established at the Central Police office to monitor the ongoing situations. The digitization of 712 Police stations include the following services:

Police Station Record Management System

This is an online application to maintain and digitize records of all the police stations in the province.

Automated fingerprint scanning and matching

This software will help scan and record the fingerprints of offenders and would also help with identification

Complaints Management System

This system will help with the walk-in complaints at a police station. The cognisable complaints will be registered as FIR, where the complainant will get an SMS about the police officer assigned to the case and the updates.

AVLS (Anti-Vehicle Lifting System)

This web application will keep Punjab-wide database of stolen vehicles including; theft reporting, investigation, recovery, forensics lab tests, warehouse entry/exit and handing over of vehicles as per court proceedings

Investigation Toolkit

This combination of mobile and web application will provide access to various data sources including; telecom subscriber data, driving licenses, motor vehicle registration, CDRs, location, NADRA Verisys and CRO index card, etc.

Foreigner registration system

This application will biometrically identify/verify Afghan refugees using the NADRA database

HR and Attendance System (HRMIS)

HRIMS will help the Punjab police to record and maintain the HR data of all of its employees.

Crime mapping

Using this software, the police can geotag all crimes registered through FIRs. Using this system, a police officer will visit the crime location, enter the category of the offense, take a picture and geotag the location. The data will then displayed on a web dashboard for data analysis

Tenant Registration

This web application will register and monitor tenants who rent out houses. As we reported earlier, the tenants and landlords will be required to register online with the police on the website for a meager registration fee of Rs. 200.

This software will enable the government and law enforcement agencies to keep track of suspicious behavior and criminal activities in addition to curbing the menace of terrorism.

Punjab Police
Tenants’ Registration System

Hotel Eye

This software aims to track activities of hotels and their guests by logging in the check-ins and checkouts at hotels along with storing the personal details of visitors.

Beat book

The software will enable to view and add data of all beats at police stations including; criminals’ data and a database of important places based on locality etc.

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