Punjab Police hate to wear old black uniform, orders new one

Punjab Police new Uniform

The Punjab Police has finally unveiled its new uniform that will replace the decades-old black uniform.

The authorities have ordered to replace the uniform with the new one. In the first phase, 15 thousand uniforms are being distributed among district Police headquarter Qila Gujjar Singh Lines.

The new uniform is Olive Green, a bit brighter than the previous charcoal black color that attracts more heat in the summer season. The new uniform will likely be more weather friendly and on the bright side maybe improve the heated attitudes.

Reportedly, the officers of Punjab Police will march in their new uniform on the Pakistan’s Day Parade on 23rd March. The distribution of the new police uniform is said to be completed until November this year.

Previously, the samples provided by IG Punjab were rejected by many, but still, the same design has been provided to the contractors, which in this case is Nishat textile mills. According to reports around 50 thousand uniforms have been manufactured till now and more are under way.

The Punjab Police is seeing different reforms in the face of its various digital services and the unveiling of its new uniform but would it provide the necessary motivation towards helping the citizens.

Punjab Police has been scandalized for decades, a scent that is not easy to wash away with just a new pair of shirt and pants. Also, the unfit police officers supporting a humongous belly underneath their shirts may be more inclined to run away from exercise as the new uniform color may likely hide away those faults in our diets.

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