Punjab Police identifies robbers through Fingerprints database

Fingerprints recognition technology in Pakistan has been making many rounds in combating crime and terrorism in the country. Last night, the two robbers killed in a failed robbery were identified using the Automated Fingerprints Matching System.

The Automated Fingerprints Matching System is linked with the Punjab Criminal Record Office that can identify an offender in a matter of minutes.

It took around 10 minutes for the system to reveal the names of the robbers, one as Jaafer Hussain of Ghalla Mandi, Sahiwal, with 46 criminal cases in Sahiwal district, while other was identified as Zafar Iqbal (aka Zafri) of Yousafwala, Sahiwal with 16 criminal cases in Lahore

Punjab Police has recorded and saved fingerprints of more than 150,000 offenders with the help of biometric verification. This technology has not just enabled the police to save data of the criminals but has also helped telecom companies.

Through fingerprint verification can make sure that the person using SIM for wrong purposes can be identified and even caught. This development has somehow helped in the war on terror in Pakistan.

Recently, Punjab government unveiled various software introduced by PITB in collaboration with Punjab Police to provide various digital services. With the integration of technology in the Policing techniques, it is yet to be seen ho effectively it will change the approach and law and order situation of the province.

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