Punjab Police Toolkit App

Punjab Police was introduced with a new investigative mobile app named Punjab Police Toolkit App which can enable the authorities to fetch and verify data in real-time but time has proven again that even the right technology in the wrong hands can cause havoc.

According to the Express Tribune, the Punjab Police is misusing the Toolkit App and is sharing the information of the citizens in exchange for money, using it as a tool for harassment, courtship, eve-teasing and stalking women for friendship.

The Punjab Police Toolkit App gives the authorities access to information related to ownership of SIMs, driving license, criminal records, vehicle ownership and NADRA verification system.

A source told Tribune that Police is even misusing the call data records, an information that shouldn’t be provided to the police without a warrant in the first place.

The technology which was thought to provide more tools to tackle crime is now the source of a data breach.

Some officers are selling the information for as low as Rs. 5000

Owning citizen’s information has provided a weapon of destruction in the hands of the Punjab Police which many are using without any accountability.

Abu Bakar Khuda Baksh, Police Toolkit, Additional Inspector General Investigation (Add IG) has written a letter to different departments of Police telling them about the misuse of Punjab Police Toolkit app by the field formation for more than 14000 times.

He also informed that the access of all personnel to the app has been suspended. Surprisingly, this is not the first time this matter has been addressed by a senior Police officer as previously a letter was also issued in July 2017.

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