Punjab police upload online album of female thieves to alert citizens

new life for jawans at police station
Police reforms to upgrade the life of police jawans

Punjab police for the first time, uploaded an online album of 204 female thieves with their pictures and information to inform citizens about the domestic workers having a corrupt history.

As reported by the Nation, the plan to update the pictures of such private servants was taken amid a rise in the cases of burglary in the principal cities of the Punjab.

These females work in houses for some weeks, then they mix poison in the food of the family, and rob the house and escape. They target wealthy families.

In some cases, these females come with their male partner and rob the house at the gun point.

It is also reported that most of the women criminals are kept in male police stations as there are only two female police stations in the whole province.

There are a few hundred women who are serving among 180,000 Punjab police personnel. Only 127 police officers had been recruited as sub-inspectors in the police department a couple of year ago.

Police officers often torture these women for the interrogation purposes. Punjab police have also updated the information and pictures of criminals involved in dacoities, robberies, auto-lifting, child abuse, burglary, and cattle-theft.

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