ATM fraud

Punjab is witnessing an increase in bank, Internet, and ATM fraud throughout the province.

Thieves stealing money from the ATMs are named as smart criminals where the cyber crime wing has established various teams to track and apprehend these people. Till now, millions have been robbed by the criminals who are using advanced tools to hack and steal from the ATMs.

According to reports, these smart criminals are worthing with the individuals who make fake credit and ATM card where the former is providing the digital data of the cardholders. Many people are also being scammed online in lieu of fake prize schemes.

We have previously shown you how any scammer can steal your ATM card’s data without you or anyone knowing about it. The latest technology while has its advantages, it has also provided a new way to target the unsuspecting citizens as our world is slowly moving towards a digital landscape.

In some circumstances of ATM fraud, someone from the bank is in cahoots with the criminals to steal the data of the customers while the other times they place sensors or cameras at the machine.

Earlier this year, we also saw that the ATM card data of Pakistanis is being sold on the Darknet, where it can be used to make fake cash withdrawal cards, do online transactions and can even be involved in money laundering.

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